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about the exhibit

The West Nebraska Arts Center, with the support of the Nebraska Arts Council and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment is pleased to present the 37th Annual IMAGE Photography Exhibit. Each year this gallery exhibit includes a wide variety of photographs showcasing technical innovations and aesthetic curiosities.  The exhibit this year, sponsored by Laura Clark and dedicated to the memory of William J. Clark, includes 59 photographs from 25 artists in the Panhandle and surrounding area. The judge of this exhibit has selected artwork for exhibition from entries received based on concept, use of medium and overall impact.

Professional photographer, Steve Frederick of Scottsbluff, selected the awards for this year’s exhibit. One Best of Show and two Honorable Mentions in each division, professional, adult and youth and a recipient for the Jim Downey Award for Best Landscape will receive monetary prizes.

 “We want to thank Steve Frederick, our judge. He carefully took his time to select the winners for this exhibit, said Maria Lena Medina, WNAC Program Manager.  “We also liked to thank all the artists for participating in this year’s IMAGE Photography Exhibit. “We are honored to have a previous WNAC Board Member and be loved professional photographer, Steve Frederick, judge the IMAGE Show.” Says Michele Denton, Executive Director.

 This exhibit opens Thursday, January 31st with a reception from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.  Gallery exhibits and receptions are always free and everyone is welcome.  The show will run through Thursday, Feb. 24, 2019.

judge – Steve Frederick

Frederick began a 42-year career in newspapering as a rural photojournalist, shooting and developing black-and-white film on a Nikon FM camera, and later spent many hours curating and editing the images of others as a longtime editor at the Star-Herald in Scottsbluff. Now retired, he enjoys photographing the landscapes and wildlife of the high prairies of Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado.


Prof-Best of Show- Kimberly Sharples-Kinetic Light Show in Downtown Denver.jpg

BEST OF SHOW (Professional Division)
Kimberly Sharples
Kimball, NE
Kinetic Light Show in Downtown Denver

“Arresting, memorable visual magic, bringing order to a chaos of shapes, lines, colors and textures through a filter of cones, leaving plenty of creative space for the viewer’s imagination to roam. It draws me in to study the wealth of details. Masterful use of shadows to give the image depth. No distractions -- well lighted, composed and focused, with nothing overdone in the editing”

Prof-HM -Gina Campbell- Be'Be Bellerine.jpg

HONORABLE MENTION (Professional Division)
Gina Campbell
Scottsbluff, NE
Be’Be Ballerine

“A very unified image, with the dancer’s hands, feet and even the muted color palette conveying a feeling of femininity and fragility. Yet promise for the future. Clean, clear execution of the concept.”

Prof-HM-Sara Sharples-Fontanna Zdroj in Market Square, Wroclaw, Poland.jpg

HONORABLE MENTION (Professional Division)
Sara Sharples
Colorado Springs, CO
Fontanna Zdroj in Market Square, Wroclaw, Poland

“A crisp, well-executed image with interesting use of an architectural frame gets a boost from the photographer’s decision to include a lone figure in the composition. Preparation and anticipation pay off by adding mood and inviting the viewer to be drawn into the subtle drama taking place among the colors, textures, patterns and shapes. Unified and uncluttered composition, appropriated lighted and captured.”

Adult-Best of Show-Anita Chadwick-This is Egypt.jpg

BEST OF SHOW (Adult Division)
Anita Chadwick
Scottsbluff, NE
This is Egypt

“My favorite image in the exhibit. Lines in the floor lead the viewer to the subject, whose serene demeanor in the pale, diffused light matches the timelessness of the setting, inviting the viewer to wonder what’s going through his mind. The photographer captures a rare collaboration of light, shadow, color and mood, arranging a clean composition in a place with few opportunities to remove clutter or distracting elements. Deep focus depth and clean highlights, shadows and hues in challenging lighting. Very well done.”


Adult-HM-Yelena Khanevskaya-Fireball.jpg

Yelena Khanevskaya
Scottsbluff, NE

“An eye-catching mingling of mystery and hazard, with abstraction that doesn’t rely on technical gimmickry. Is this candy, you wonder, or potential calamity? Backwards text tempts the viewer to draw nearer while a sense of intense heat simultaneously repels, leaving a lingering emotional response. Well conceived and executed despite the technical challenges the concept presents.”

Adult-HM-Dan Lewis-Yesteryear.jpg

Dan Lewis
Torrington, WY

“A sharp, well lighted image takes the viewer back to a time when evolving analog  technology presented numerous technical challenges and demanded different sets of skills and equipment to capture anything of similar quality. The photographer’s attention to detail invites the viewer to take a closer look, wondering about the functions of unfamiliar vintage gear. An endearing concept, well executed.”

Youth- HM-Ethan Sharples.-Forgotten in the Field.jpg

BEST OF SHOW (Youth Division)
Ethan Sharples
Kimball, NE
Forgotten in the Field

“The photographer makes a lot of right choices here: An image presented in black-and-white when the subject’s antiquity, curves, lines and details don’t demand color. Deep, sharp focus and sufficient contrast to allow grit and texture to emerge. A tight crop that emphasizes the essentials while omitting clutter, including a reinforcing fringe of dry, dead weeds to signal that this old truck’s utility is long past. Most importantly, making a visual statement instead of settling for a snapshot. Good job!”

Youth-HM-Daniela Sharples-Art by God.jpg

Daniela Sharples
Kimball, NE
Art by God

“Nice contrast of colors and textures. The tree forms a natural frame around the girl, inviting comparison between the rough old bark with the living warm tones of the subject. Placing her slightly off to the side creates the right amount of visual tension, which would be lost if the image was cropped tightly with the girl in the center. The same goes for her head leaning one way while her shins lean the other – a potentially ordinary photo becomes more engaging and interesting.”

Youth-HM-Daniela Sharples- Dakota in the Tree.jpg

Daniela Sharples
Kimball, NE
Dakota in the Tree

“With 365 sunsets in a year, how do you make one of them stand out? Be sound technically, getting the colors correct, keeping the right amount of detail in the shadows, not letting the highlights overwhelm the texture of the clouds and getting the elements sharply focused. More importantly, by making it more than a simple sunset photo by adding other dimensions, such as a silhouette or, in this case, a reflection. Well done.”

2Jim Downey Best Landscape-Jerry Fegler-Chimney Rock sprintime.jpg

Jerry Fegler
Bayard, NE
Adult division
Chimney Rock Springtime

“This image is a reward for the photographer’s patience, combining an ideal setting with the right amount of foreground, reflection, environmental context and weather conditions at the ideal time of year to yield this lush, flourishing scene.”

special thanks

 A special thanks to volunteers Vic Bentley, Jan Durnin, Vicki Schmitt, Mary Hunt, Karen Mecklem, Judith Moore, Elaine Lebruska, and Cheryl Wilkinson for their assistance in the gallery. And thank you to the North Platte Valley Artist Guild and Questers for providing food for the opening reception.      

about WNAC

The West Nebraska Arts Center is a 501c3 cultural non-profit organization committed to education, awareness and excellence in the arts, serving the North Platte Valley Region.  WNAC is located at the corner of 1st Avenue and 18th Street in Scottsbluff, NE.  Visit the gallery free of charge Tuesday through Friday 9 to 5, Weekends from 1 to 5.  www.thewnac.com. find us on Facebook.

Sponsored by

Laura Clark and dedicated to the memory of William J. Clark.


The West Nebraska Arts Center is a cultural non-profit organization committed to education, awareness and excellence in the arts, serving the North Platte Valley Region.  WNAC is located at 106 East 18th Street in Scottsbluff, NE.  Visit the Arts Center’s website, www.thewnac.com or find us on Facebook to learn more.  The Nebraska Arts Council, a state agency, has supported this program through its matching grants program funded by the Nebraska Legislature, the National Endowment for the Arts and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment.  Visit www.nebraskaartscouncil.org for information on how the Nebraska Arts Council can assist your organization, or how you can support the Nebraska Cultural Endowment.