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about the exhibit

West Nebraska Arts Center, with the support of the Nebraska Arts Council and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment and Winkler Electric, is pleased to present gaggle, a duo art exhibit featuring artwork from Ryan Bosche of Gering and Austin Martin of Scottsbluff in the main gallery.


a disorderly or noisy group of people.
This exhibition combines the work of Ryan Bosche and Austin Martin.  Both artists have found portraiture to be a fitting medium through which to express their thoughts and feelings on those whom they interact with in this, our hustle and bustle society.  

Martin's work aims to engage how the human psyche is influenced by those that have made a lasting imprint upon our memories and ergo, our personas.  As we age, it seems we are progressively able to dull the roar of so many conflicting and compounding influences and find a definitive voice, hopefully rendering the judgements of onlookers albeit ineffective.  

Bosche's portraiture explores the emotional, psychological and spiritual depths of the human condition, mimicked through his layering of imagery, materials and media.  The often-galvanizing results provoke excitement with a colorful rendering, openly engaging the viewer on multiple levels simultaneously.

Interim Director, Michele Denton, “We are so excited for the new breath of fresh air blowing into our gallery, two young guys with a fresh outlook. You will have to come and see for your own self”.

Program Manager, Maria Lena Soto, “We are excited to have Austin bring his art installation, and to see the crazy mind of Ryan with his mixed media artworks. You will be amazed!”.

Ryan Bosche – Biography

Bosche was born in Gering Nebraska in 1979. Having grown up in a small town, he understands the importance of family and friends. He uses portraits as a main focus in his creations. Throughout his life, Ryan has always been fascinated by images and how the world is represented through the eyes of others. With his focus on comics and cartoons, he would live through these adventures outside his rural community.  His interest has been cultivated during his teenage years and further developed when he received his bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with a focus in Studio Art.

 After completing his degree, Ryan wanted more involvement with sharing his love of art with others. He then received a second bachelor’s degree in Art Education. He teaches 16-18-year-olds, helping them foster the same enthusiasm that he has for the art world.  One of the greatest rewards in his professional career is to see others excel in the visual arts and watching others heal themselves with their art.  He is also a husband and father of two, where he also sees how art molds those closest to him. 

The images that Ryan creates always connect back to his colorful comic history. He loves to tell a story though images.  The story is not always plainly visible, but it is there. With this joy of creating images and his passion to share with others drives his creative process.  He is excited to expand on his artist knowledge in the upcoming years through Master Studies in Painting.  He is always looking for that next step to brighten his family’s future.

Artist statement

Throughout history the idea of creating a portrait for someone was to capture that individual in their most beautiful state.  In some cases, portraits show these individuals in an idealized state looking nothing like the individual.  My paintings will do none of that.  Our lives today are so chaotic and filled with so much activity.  I wanted to tap into that reality.  I want to show the layers that make up people.  We are not always refined, we are not always beautiful, but we all have layers. 

Every image in the show relieves memories and individuals that inspired me thought-out my life.   I do not want people to think these portraits are complete, they are always changing and pieced together layer by layer.  The people in these images have helped patch my life together and I am excited to share a piece of my psyche with the world though this showing.

Austin Martin – Biography

Martin was born and raised in Gering, NE. Discovering his love of art at an early age; he continued to pursue his dreams by earning his bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and, subsequently, a master’s degree in Fine Art from the University of Arizona in Tucson.  He has exhibited nationally and has work in public and private collections from Brooklyn, NY to Indio, CA.    He currently continues to pursue his love of sculpting, residing in Scottsbluff, NE with his wife Janelle.

Artist statement

My inspirations stem from mundane encounters. Something innate provokes a tangent... the curious wobble of a crooked wheel or a cluster of spindly nose hairs protruding far enough to drive anyone up the wall save for the odd little man sporting them.  This curiosity pokes and prods until it has imprinted itself so deeply into my subconscious that only birthing it into being can free me of the relentless musings.  Humor and absurdity are fitting tools that help soften the blow of the existentialist quandaries I ponder.  While an image has been seared into my mind of how these abominations of the psyche must take form, creation and emersion amongst materials and processes is where the true story unfolds.  For, as curious as I find these little eccentricities of society and the world in which I interact, I really am more invested as to why I must explore such an often place utterly not exquisite thing and transform it for everyone or anyone to ponder.  These studio dramedies offer tidbits of insight into my future musings, though rarely prevent similar struggles.  Analyzation escorts me to the ballpark, but time and distance truly are the only recipe for clarity.

My current work attempts to question the nature of peculiarities displayed by fellow human beings I have encountered, whether recently or long ago (relatively speaking, of course).  The potency of such encounters seems to suggest a synergistic collaboration amongst otherwise independent quirks that have miraculously happened upon one another.  Once the transmutation of these encounters takes place, is the inspiration recognizable or even present at all?  I hope so, but I hope what survives has become something also very different.

There will be an opening reception on Thursday, October 4th from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. we will serve refreshments and hors d’ oeuvres. Gallery receptions and exhibits are always free and open to the public and everyone is welcome.  Gaggle art exhibit will run through Sunday, October 28th.

special thanks

 A special thanks to volunteers Mary Hunt, Kelsey Thompson, Karen Mecklem, and Winkler Electric Inc. for their assistance in the gallery. And thank you to the NPVAG for providing food for the opening reception.

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Winkler Electric Inc.


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