Office Art

In the office we feature artwork from a member of the North Platte Valley Artist Guild. Each artist shows for two months at time. 

Currently in the WNAC office we have showing Michele Denton, mixed media artist.


Michele Denton

Artist Statement & Bio

As a girl growing up along the Platte River in central Nebraska I spent everyday with the animals I love. Riding horses, sitting in tree tops observing birds, crawling up and down sand bars in the river looking for beautiful stones, artifacts, drift wood, etc. Always drawing the things that inspired me. Each person has a unique set of experiences and ideas. I try to convey mine through my artwork. The inspiration for my work stem from the love for making beautiful things and the need to communicate passionately with people in a very emotional and spiritual way. To explore the inseparable relationship between man, animal, environment, time and season. All creation works together and observing and painting nature is soothing to the soul. My rewards and awards have been many. I am grateful to share the beauty of art.