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Jeff Ferreri


Jeff was born and raised in the Metro Detroit area of southeastern Michigan, where he saw “plenty of scary things.” He is a sculptor, digital commercial artist, painter, and special effects makeup artist for stage and film. His makeup effects can be seen in such films as Robin Hood: The Beginning, Sasquatch Hunters, and the horror film Exposure.

Jeff moved to Scottsbluff to work as the visual and digital arts teacher for Scottsbluff Senor High School along with his wife Dr. Elena Garcia (who teaches Theater and English) and their son. He has always been excited by learning as many different things as possible and expanding his horizons creatively and intellectually on a daily basis. He has made a living at various times as an artist, instructor, special effects makeup artist and professional magician.

He has designed websites, logos and advertising materials for fellow magicians as well as wrote and illustrated the directions for nationally marketed tricks sold by Proof Positive Magic Inc. He continues to use his art skills to invent new magic effects and build custom gimmicks for his magic act and that of other performers.

When he was Assistant Art Director forthe Boys and Girls Club South Eastern Michigan he created the Monster Makers club, a crash course in theatrical and film makeup effects for high school students. This led to a series of classes, workshops and educational school assembly shows designed to meet the needs of students of many ages. He also designed, built and helped operate a number of Halloween Haunted House Attractions in the Detroit area.

Artist Statement

Many people can paint a still life, a portrait or an attractive landscape. With the many interests I have, I decided long ago to leave that behind to others. I have always been fascinated by illusions, cognition, deception, identity, transformation and the fantastic. This led me to learning to perform magic, createmakeup effects and build props, special costuming and sets. The demands of special effects required that I learn how to cast, mold, work with mechanical principles, and experiment with the chemistry required to produce fake skin while safely adhering it to people.

While I can and do make beautiful paintings, I would much rather amaze, startle, shock, amuse, frighten, and provoke deep thought in the people who view my work. Whether working as a magician or a visual artist, I seek to encourage people to walk away from the experience with a fresh perspective instead of the expected standard experience.

My artis dedicated to creating new experiences for others while encouraging discussions, debate, introspection, a re-evaluation of one’s ideas or assumptions and a questioning of the ordinary. The materials and methods I choose are simple vehicles to allow me to create something that attains a connection to my audience. Whether you laugh, cry, or shriek in terror at my work I am happy if it makes you stop, think and possibly open your mind to new ideas.


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