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about the exhibit

The West Nebraska Arts Center, with the support of Nebraska Arts Council and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment, is pleased to present 10 X 10: 10 Artists, 10 Subjects, 100 Points of View.  The exhibit will be showing in the Main Gallery from January 4th through January 28th, with an opening reception on Thursday, January 4th from 5-7 p.m. Wine & hors d’oeuvres will be served. The gallery exhibit and reception are free and open to the public.

In this exciting show, 10 artists, working in their own media, style, & design techniques, depict a visual response to each of ten subjects: animal, human, weather, water, flight, power, sanctuary, light and shadows, and moonlight.  The show embraces reinvention of common themes where the artists provide a mixture of traditional styles and contemporary practices through dynamic imagery. Oil, acrylic, pastels, charcoal, conté crayon, ink, mixed media, watercolor, and textiles are all represented in this dynamic show.


10 X 10 artists

Diane Browning, Eden, UT; David Dorsey, Valentine, NE; Peg Fowler, Gering, NE; Doug Hoevet, Scottsbluff, NE; Yelena Khanevskaya, Gering, NE; Julie Nighswonger, Torrington, WY; Priscilla Sandoz, Scottsbluff, NE; Sabrina Stiles, Longmont, CO; Carla Stroh, Lusk, WY; Marvie Tipsword, Torrington, WY.


Artist Statements & Bios 

Diane Browning

“I am a multi-media artist. For the purposes of this show, I dealt in fabrics, threads and hand dyed materials. I have also worked in oil, watercolor, clay and sculpture. I truly love all forms of quilting and the fact that there are so many aspects to quilting keeps me interested and moving forward. I plan on continuing my journey as long as I am able to sit at the sewing machine.”

Diane’s art journey began in high school with a focus on fashion design. Being practical, she changed her direction to art education and got a degree from Eastern Wyoming College in Torrington, Wyoming. She discovered quilting in 1994 by accident when she had a lot of leftover material from costumes that she made for the Torrington Drill Team. She went to the library, checked out a book, made her first quilt and the rest is history.

She started by hand piecing and quilting all her projects until she met a wonderful lady by the name of Jan DeBolt in Torrington. She introduced her to the wonderful world of machine quilting. She took every class that she offered and went on many workshops with her from Nebraska to Montana.

Then, she also introduced her to the “Prairie Pines Quilt Shop” in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. She ravenously took every class, workshop and many quilting retreats. In 1998, She overheard the owners of Prairie Pines talking about their third partner moving and that it would be hard to just have the two of them running the shop. She inserted herself into the conversation asking what it would take to become a partner. They welcomed her with open arms into the business.

As part-owner, she could attend many quilt markets and meet many different types of quilt artists. There she enjoyed opportunities to grow and expand in her skills. She taught many classes on a variety of techniques. She loves sharing her knowledge with students. Her signature statement to discouraged students was, “We are not born with a quilting gene.” That statement helped many a nervous beginner realize that practice is essential. She also kept her first attempt at quilting visible for them to view.

She graduated to mainly art quilts when she was asked to do a show in her small town of Eden, Utah. Although she really misses all her friends in Torrington, Wyoming, she now resides in Eden, Utah where she is close to her family. You can reach Diane at browningdiane161@gmail.com

David Dorsey

“Art has always been a part of who I am, and what I have always done. As long as I can remember, I have been drawing and painting.  It has always seemed very natural to me, and a necessary part of who I am. The very act of creating is an exciting process for me. I feel as if art is simply part of my destiny and who I am. The works becomes an extension of myself, and my place in the world. Painting is just who I am and what I love to do, I am an artist.”

David Dorsey has a BA in Art Education from the University of Kearney and specializes in Nebraska and western scenes.  He has participated in many shows including the Phippen Western Art Show, Prescott, AZ; Red Bluff Western Art Show, Red Bluff, CA; Western Spirit Art Show, Cheyenne, WY; the National Oil and Acrylic Painter’s Society on line show; the Cattleman's Ball of Nebraska; Oregon Trail Days Art Show, Gering, NE; Black Hills Stock Show, Rapid City, SD; Association of Nebraska Art Clubs, and many more. 

Peg Fowler

“I’m sorry that I’m not more intellectual, but any time I try to discuss or explain my work, I draw a big, fat, blank.  I seem to avoid thinking at all when I’m working.  I don’t listen to music, or muse about deep thoughts, or even deliberately place colors in juxtaposition to create an effect.  What I put on canvas or paper is simply the spewed abstraction of what I see, feel, or experience.  If you react to it, I’ll be gratified.  If it speaks to you, I’m amazed.  If you want to critique it and get analytical, I’ll be fascinated…and, please, do it out-loud so I can stand back, hidden, and listen.”

Peg Fowler has been a working artist since 1955, when, at the age of 16, she sold her first painting. “It was Blossoms on a Hillside,” she says, “and it looked like something Grandma Moses did with her toes.”

It may not have been a masterpiece, but its sale did encourage her.  She attended Penn State as an art major, did cartooning for various college publications, but became an English teacher when “art” did not offer a paying job.  She did, however, continue painting, showing, and selling her art.

In 1999, after 30 years of teaching in Denver, Peg came into the Panhandle of Nebraska to visit friends and fell in love with the land.  She bought two houses in Harrison, one to use exclusively as a studio.  Pastel painting became her major art obsession after 2002, and continued until 2013 when health problems demanded some changes.

Peg bought a “new” house in Gering in 2014, and she has continued to make art.  “Different scenery always means some changes in sensibilities for me. I probably ought to move every four or five years to keep myself from getting stale,” she says. “Well, maybe not.  I’m getting too old…and besides, I really do love Nebraska.”

Peg has had solo shows at WNAC, Carnegie Arts Center, and the Nebraska Governor’s Mansion.  She has shown at the Oregon Trail Days Art Show for 10+ years, and has paintings in collections across the U.S. Most fun, she claims, is to decorate giant objects and animals: she’s done a “boot” for the Cattlemen’s Association, and a “crane” for the Kearney Community Club, and she still has a “horse” in her living room—a left-over from the boot project.

Peg will be doing a retrospective show for her 80th birthday at WNAC in September of 2018.

Doug Hoevet

“My art originates from a compulsion to design and create.  There is something primal when you make things with your own hands:  steel, paint, wood all are just raw materials, until you create.  Then each piece is part of you, your technique, metaphors, ideas… all are part of you.  Furthermore, each piece needs to exhibit expertise in that material which requires dedication to the craft.

The work often includes multiple materials and incorporates various techniques that are unobtainable using one method alone.  This approach captures the interest of the observer asking them to examine it from various perspectives.  I strive to make art that unifies the contradictions: elemental and complex, transient and eternal, reserved and compelling. 

I was always an Artist, just not officially.  My interests always competed between artistic expression and the sciences.  I found that engineering was a way that had the potential to satisfy both areas, so that is what I studied: but art was always part of me.  So, in 2008 I combined my lifelong interest and focused on a new education to begin a new chapter in my life: “Doug Hoevet - the Artist”.

My background in technical drawing and construction, provided a great foundation for my art.  I just had to incorporate design fundamentals, artistic elements and an array of other ideas I struggle to master.  Being curious by nature and interacting with other creative minds allows me to explore techniques and materials that I had not considered before.

Now as an Artist, I spend time in class improving my knowledge, money on equipment expanding my range, and hours of practice at the drawing board chasing visions.  Experience is where I learn life lessons, but art guided me to the path where my Muse lives, now there’s no turning back.”

Yelena Khanevskaya

“I don’t remember myself ever not doing art – I’ve always been drawing and painting, it seems. As tangible proof, my parents still keep some of my early drawings and paintings, though they admittedly got rid of some – too many, I’ve always been a very prolific artist!

I usually work on several different series concurrently. I never restrict myself to limitations of just one medium or just a specific style – I’m into finding out where this theme, this subject, or this one idea will take me. It is impossible to express everything I feel or want to say on the theme within just one artwork. So, I often end up with a few series of work, seemingly very different from each other, even disparate to some – in subject matter, in mood, in style.

On the never-ending trail, on this continuous reappraisal of the state of my soul, on this spell bounding journey in search of my “new” present self, I’m surprised to discover, time and time again, that I’m still closely connected to most comforting memories of my childhood, to my grandma’s little village on the hill overlooking the river, essentially, to the place in my heart that recorded all the things that made me who I am – as a person and as an artist.”

I was born and raised in Russia.  Since childhood I was greatly interested in art and received my first art training in Children’s Art School in Novomoskovsk, Russia.  After graduating from there and completing high school, I was accepted into Oryol State Pedagogical University where I completed my Masters of Art Education degree in 1993.

The artistic training in Russia followed academic traditions, and for 5 years we, students, were subjected to rigorous studies of drawing, painting, and sculpting techniques, beginning with plaster casts and inanimate objects, and continuing to the study of human skeletal and muscular structure, and culminating with human body. Compositional studies and Art History, as well as introduction to a number of folk art traditions, were also implemented throughout the years of our study.
After graduation, I worked as an artist on silk before moving to United States in 1995.  It is here, in United States, that I started to paint and draw professionally. While working on honing my own artistic skills, I also taught children’s and adult group art classes. I continue to offer private and small group instruction to local artists, as well as offering commissions, primarily for local clients, mainly in portraiture and landscape.

Over the years I have participated in a large number of local and regional group and juried art shows, such as Oregon Trail Days Art Show and Sale; as well as museum shows, such as the Western Spirit Art Show in Cheyenne, WY. Besides these, I had a number of solo exhibits over the years at West Nebraska Arts Center, the last one in September of 2014, where I exhibited over 70 pieces of art.

I continue to stay committed to actively pursuing personal goals in art, through rigorous drawing and painting studies and collaborations with other artists.

Julie Nighswonger

“I choose to paint western themed art because of the way that lifestyle touches my soul. My hope is to share the beauty I see, whether it is a grand mountain view or an old fence line that has guarded its pasture for many years. with cows or horses. Enjoy. These are my visions of the West.

As a young child, I remember making the trip from our farm in Minnesota to my Uncle’s Wyoming ranch. I was amazed at the vast expanse of the Wyoming sky, how fresh and crisp the air was.  The beauty of the mountains took my breath away.  The West had captured my heart.

The summer of 1981 found me back in Wyoming working on a ranch in Jackson Hole.  I still reside in Wyoming with my husband Steve.  I grew up in a rural setting connecting with my pets and our livestock.  This connection continues to be alive with the scenery, livestock, and cowboy lifestyle inspiring me daily.  My soul is still nourished by all of the unique qualities the West has to offer.

Whether I am working in oil or charcoal, my vision is to touch a place in the views world.  In their life, and just maybe in their heart.”

Priscilla Sandoz

“Representing common everyday subject matter in abstract became a challenge I could not resist, perhaps emphasizing certain aspects over others.”   

Priscilla was born and raised in middle United States, where she enjoyed seeing her surroundings in an unusual way.  Art has been a great way for her to embrace the environment and share a unique view with others. She strives to create paintings that speak to and engage the viewer.  The broken cubistic lines of this style, have their roots in great artists like Barack, Picasso and Cézanne.  The focus on structure, shape, and color are great assets for her pseudo cubism.  A harmonious tension that is created within abstract and representational subject matter coupled with the qualities of oil paint, do well to bring about an art that is unique and enduring.  Sandoz uses the elements of art to emphasize mood, tension and tempo.

“Art is for everyone!  It is as much the viewer’s as it is the artist who created it!”  Sandoz enjoys traveling with her spouse, who is also an artist. “We have gotten to see art in many forms and enjoy the great people who contribute to it.” 

For generations art has benefited from the community of likeminded people all contributing, each in their own way.  “It is my desire to saturate myself in this culture and therefore to be the best artist I can be.”  Sandoz reflects upon those who have gone before her to forge the way and develop art as it is known today.     “I am humbled and grateful to be a part of the bigger picture and am pleased to witness its expansion.” 

Sabrina Stiles

“I enjoy asking “What if...?” every day, the excitement of facing a blank surface and the anticipation of what it will become. It’s the challenge and endless possibility of creating two dimensional slices of life that motivates me as an artist. I’m often drawn to subjects that others might not notice. Whether it’s interpreting the way the light falls on an old barn, the mystery of a nocturne or the subtle beauty of a hazy morning, my goal is to capture the feeling or mood of the scene. My hope is that my paintings will evoke a feeling of connection to a time and place that resonates with others.”

Sabrina Stiles is a pastel artist with an expressive style that lends itself to her chosen medium. Primarily a landscape artist, she draws inspiration from her travels as well as the beautiful landscape near her home in Colorado. Her keen observation and reverence for the beauty that surrounds her is evident in her work. She has studied with many nationally recognized artists and has won awards in local, regional, national and international competitions. Her work is in private collections throughout the country. To see more of Sabrina’s work visit her website,


She attended Art Students League of Denver and various workshops. She received Honorable Mention, 2017 Pastel Journal Pastel 100; Award Of Merit, 2017 PAAC Exhibition, Finalist, 2017 The Artist Magazine’s Annual Art competition; Best Landscape, April/May 2017 Plein Air Magazine Plein Air Salon; Finalist, 2016 The Artist Magazine’s Annual Art competition; Finalist, 2016 Southwest Art Artistic Excellence; Honorable Mention, South Park Plein Air Celebration; Best Of Show, 2016 PAAC Exhibition; Best Overall Pastel, April/May 2016 Plein Air Magazine Plein Air Salon; Elizabeth Mowry Poetic Landscape Award, 2016 Mile High International Pastel Exhibit; Honorable Mention, 2016 Pastel Journal Pastel 100; 2nd Place, 2015 Mile High International Pastel Exhibition; Honorable Mention, 2015 Colorado Plein Air Exhibition; Best Pastel, 2014, 2015 and 2017 Western Spirit Art Show.

She has exhibited in Coors Western Art Exhibit, 2017, 2018; Colorado Governor’s Show, Loveland, CO 2015, 2016, 2017; PAAC National Juried Fine Arts Exhibition 2015, 2016; Colorado Plein Air Exhibition, 2015; Mile High International Pastel Exhibition 2014, 2015 and 2016; Western Spirit Art Show, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Her artwork has been published in American Art Collector, May 2017; “Art Journey, abstract painting, a celebration of contemporary art”, North Light Books.

She is represented by Mary Williams Fine Arts, Boulder, CO; Glass Tipi, Ward, CO.

Carla Stroh

“I started drawing horse when I was five years old. They were my first true love. I have since had formal training and gotten a degree in art education through Regis University and taught middle school art in Elizabeth, Colorado. My passion has always been for the animals, horse, which enabled me to be chosen for the signature illustrator for the Equine Acupressure books and subsequently, Canine and Feline Acupressure Books.

My husband and I live on 1,000 remote acres and totally off grid. Our power comes from solar panels and the wind chargers my husband has made. We raise grass fed beef, have our own chickens for eggs and a green-house for fruit and vegetables. Being totally independent has helped me to find the inspiration for my art work around our ranch. I paint and draw the things I know and love. There is always a story behind my art that talks to you about the animals, people or the places. Knowing my subject matter makes a huge difference in the intimacy I can reveal in my artwork. It might be a simple portrait of a horse but I can capture the kindness or the orneriness in his eye because I have ridden that horse miles, and maybe he comes running in from the pasture when I call, or maybe he has dumped be and I have had to walk home. There is a connection that can’t help but reveal itself as I give my heart and soul to each piece of artwork.

My art should give the viewer a feeling of having been there, of having participated. There should be nothing remote or hard to reach but rather the feeling of familiarity.  Whatever piece I am working on dictates the medium I will use. It can be pencil, watercolor, pastel or acrylic. Ultimately the subject decides.”

Carla has been accepted in the Western Spirit Art Show, Cheyenne, WY, and invited to show at Oregon Trail Days, Gering, NE. In 2011, she showed at Wheatland Gallery, Wyoming Roughstock Cards Featured in Cattlemen’s Business Weekly. 2004-2011 participated in Douglas Invitational Art Show, 2005-2011 participated in Torrington 2shot Art Show, 2004-2010 invited to show at Dubois Gallery, 2008 Member Made in Wyoming, 2006-2008 Painted life-sized antelope, Rawlins fundraiser. 2006 Painted life-sized pigs for FFA fundraiser, violin & cello for youth orchestra fundraiser, Casper. Designed entry sign for Lusk, WY. Designed window for old Townsend Bldg. for Nicolaysen Art Museum, Casper fundraiser. Designed stations of the Cross for St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, Torrington and illustrated book for Niobara Cattlewomen, Lusk, WY. 2005-2007 designed tombstones for Hoffman Monuments, Casper, WY. 2007 painted hat, boots and a life-sized cow for a fundraiser. 2005 Herd is the Word artist painting life-sized horse to benefit March of Dimes. 2004 established Wyoming Roughstock Card Company, 1987-97 taught middle school art, Elizabeth, CO. 1985-1987 interpreter for hearing impaired, Elizabeth, CO. 1987 graduated BFA Art Education, Regis University, Denver, CO. 1987 illustrated Canine Acupressure book, Equine Acupressure book, Feline Acupressure book, 1990 illustrated book “Elizabeth, Colorado, a Glimpse back in time”. 1978-1980 designed t-shirts for Shirt Circuit, Corvallis, Oregon.

You can reach Carla at carlakaystroh@hotmail.com

Marvie Tipsword

“I am a rogue artist focusing on watercolor gone “Wonky”. Watercolor fits my quirkiness because of its spontaneity and versatility. I try new art concepts, ideas and products, always pushing buttons. I pride myself as being an artistic trailblazer, an artistic thinker, a problem solver. Because I am spiritually attached, my subjects are of the environment.”

Marvie graduated with a BA from the University of Wyoming.

She has awards, exhibited, & her artwork is in collections in 2Shot Goose Hunt and Art Show, Torrington, WY, Purchase Award. Western Nebraska Arts Center, “LAW”, President’s Choice Award for “Legal Notice”.

NICFest, juried, Nicolaysen Art Museum and Discovery Center, Casper, Wyoming, Best of Show. First Annual Summer Arts Festival, Nicolaysen Art Museum, Casper, Wyoming. “Fone Home”, selected as the backdrop for their poster for advertising. September Sun Art Festival, Torrington, Wyoming. Featured artist, “Horses” used as poster for event. Southwest Artist Association Art Show, Torrington, Wyoming. “Hide and Peek”, Judges Choice Award. Oregon Trail Days Art Show and Sale, Purchase Award, Platte Valley Bank, Gering, Nebraska.

Wyoming State Museum: Permanent Collection, “Lilac”. 

She exhibits her work at Deselms Fine Art, 303 East 17th Street, Cheyenne, WY 82001, Wyoming Trails Gallery, 1004 16th Street, Wheatland, WY 82201.

You can contact her at www.marvietipsword.com or marvie@embarqmail.com.


thank you!

 We wish to thank the Nebraska Arts Council and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment for their continued support of West Nebraska Arts Center. 

Special thanks to: Vickie Schmitt, Vic Bentley, Doug Hoevet, Hayley Allen, Anita Chadwick, Davenna Bonilla-Torres, Phil Thompson, and Karen Mecklem for their assistance during the week of installation. Also a big thank you to the WNAC Board for providing food for the opening reception.




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